“Christopher did a great job of our living room and hall way. They were both plain, now they are far from it. His use of colour and textures is cool. He understood exactly what it needed from our vague explanation but styled them in such a way I would of not thought about. We have had very positive comments from friends and visitors alike.”

D. Lucas, Rochdale

“Celeste provided a great look for my open plan room. It’s was dark and needed brightening up, the job was completed without a hitch, excellent really as i don’t have the skills or time to do it myself. The storage solution was neat, the space was small actually and it complemented the style/date of the house. We have an eclectic mix of furniture, which was stylishly incorporated into the soft furnishings. I live in Rochdale and would recommend Celeste to anybody. Bravo!”

S Chadwick, Royton

“Christopher was amazing, I could not afford to spend too much money but my open plan room now looks full of life. He concentrated on soft furnishings curtains and paint. The colours he picked I love and I am glad that I can come home to a place that actually feels like home!”

D. Amato, San Leone, Italy